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Green Weddings - How To Have

An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Due to the rising consciousness about the environment, some couples have decided to do their bit for the earth and leave out extravagant waste from their "green weddings". Leonardo DiCaprio's movie has brought "blood diamonds" to the forefront and gold too is not as noble a metal as you might think because it is sometimes mined in inhuman conditions by workers who are exposed to toxic chemical releases in the mines. Planning an eco-friendly wedding is not as difficult as you might think. Here are a few tips on how to have an environmentally compatible wedding.

Invitations - Recycled paper is not that hard to find and if you really want to go all out choose handmade paper. Handmade paper has lovely texture and also can be created with natural embeds. Write on this with calligraphy and natural dyes and you have a beautiful invitation like no other.

Menu - Choose an organic menu or try to get the ingredients from local produce. You will be surprised at how healthy and fresh this menu is.

Wedding Bands - If you leave out gold and diamonds there are many other ways to say it without diamonds. Consider other metals like silver or tin. Instead of diamonds consider having your birthstone for example or choose from many beautiful semi-precious gems. If you can wear something handed down to you in your family that would be a great recycling option.

Wedding Gown - Cotton is a very good option if you are going to marry in the summer months but if you feel that cotton is not as elegant there are many silk, soy, tencel and hemp blends that will give you the right flow and shine. Of course you can choose to recycle a wedding gown your mother or grandmother has preserved.

Wedding Favors - Give back to the earth by giving out seed packets as wedding favors. You can ask your guests to plant them as a symbol of growth and prosperity for you both. If plant or flower seeds don't fit your theme at least make sure your wedding favors are useful or practical. Practical wedding favors will not end up polluting a landfill the week after your wedding.

You can also choose to save electricity by using oil lamps instead of electrical lights. Oil lamps with castor oil can be an apt alternative to electrical lights or use hurricane lanterns and luminaries. If you can plan your wedding outdoors and if the weather permits, you can forego fans and cooling too.

The d├ęcor too can be made with recycled material instead of using plastic and metal (the non-recycled variety). Have bamboo furniture and use recycled glass articles to serve the food. You don't need to have any artificial centerpieces either. You can easily have beautiful centerpieces from totally natural materials. You can also ask your guests to forego any gifts that are a hazard to our environment and instead donate to environmental organizations.

In conclusion, create and be the stars at your dream wedding. You will definitely do your part for the earth and be admired for your creativity and courage.

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