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Wedding Etiquette At Your Rehearsal Dinners

Wedding Etiquette At Your Rehearsal Dinners

A large number of couples who are about to get married face the problem of staging a rehearsal dinner because they have no idea of the proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners.

My article hopes to provide some enlightenment to the couple regarding the proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinner. Enumerated below are some of the usual questions that couples ask regarding the proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners.

Though rehearsal dinner planning is making couples go crazy, they need not worry, a few rules to observe is all they need before actually staging the rehearsal dinners.

The Guest List

Couples must remember that there are really no rules involved in staging a rehearsal dinner. The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners is as plain as the wedding day itself.

Firstly, the proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners suggests that the couple choose wisely and pick out the members of their guest list. It is really up to them who they will invite.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners really has no restrictions as to how many the guests are. It can be simple as the couple only, can include their immediate families, and also those guests at their wedding party with their spouses or their significant others.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners also has no regulations on what a couple intends to lay-out a motif or theme for their rehearsal dinner. Either they make it a bash or they can invite all their out-of-town guests.

A rehearsal dinner is a very good chance or opportunity to be able to maximize what quality time that you have with your visiting friends and your relatives. Proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners suggest this as the most proper time to be able to chat with your friends and relatives, unlike the wedding day itself, rehearsal dinners give the couples more relaxing and quiet time.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners also advises couples not to worry about not having the proper surprise for them. The guests usually do not go to the actual ceremony rehearsal. The ceremony is usually for the wedding party and their parents.

The Fiance's Family

Sometimes, the family of a fiance has no idea that they are supposedly hosting the rehearsal dinner. Usually the parents can not afford all of it and still suggest the couple invite everyone to go to a catered party.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners are usually recommending that the family of the fiance shoulder all the expense for the rehearsal dinner. Most people are ignorant of this rule, however, they should be properly notified of this proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners also tells us that it is not advisable not to invite the families. The couple must note that no matter who or what they are, they are still the fiance's parents and will soon near enough be the in-laws.

No matter what they have done or they act. A couple must remind themselves to start off on the correct foot by giving out invitation to the fiance's family. Trouble might brew if they will not be included in the rehearsal dinner.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners suggest that though the fiance's parents does not realize that they are the ones who should be hosting the rehearsal dinner, its up to the couple to bring the subject up.

The couple can always opt to host the dinner themselves. The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners can remind them that the rehearsal dinner does not have to be a big rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner can be as big as a take home pizza party or simple grilling burgers at the backyard.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners reminds couples to look at the situation as a possible way to kick back just before the wedding. The couple must instead concentrate on the family, on each other and the wedding party.

The proper wedding etiquette at rehearsal dinners also can be said that rehearsal dinners are a good time to present the guests with the thank you gifts.

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Saturday, 16 February 2008

How to Select the Proper Wedding Music

How to Select the
Proper Wedding Music

So you've exchanged vows, and have said your 'I do's, now it's time to head out to the reception and party like you've never partied before. If you want live music playing in your reception, then you would want to hire a live band. But first, you must check with people that rent the venue where you're going to hold your reception, to see what type of live music they allow. Some venues have stringent restrictions when it comes to live music.

The type of music that you choose to play in your wedding should be an expression of both the bride and groom's personality, personal taste, and the overall theme of the wedding.

It's very important to select the right music, because the music will become a pervading presence all through out the wedding, and right down to the reception. Music creates an atmosphere. It will set the mood of your wedding.

During the wedding itself, the choice of music usually depends on the wedding. Most church ceremonies don't allow secular music. They stick to more traditional, or religious music. A man and a woman duet is usually sung during the ceremony. A church organist usually provides the majority of the music.

For the reception, the bride and groom has a choice of recorded music, or live music. If you opt for recorded music, it would be best to hire the services of a DJ. The best thing about this, is you can request to have all of your favorite songs in the playlist. Ask your friends if they know any good DJs that are willing to play for wedding receptions. If they don't know any, you could always just search the yellow pages, internet, or even contact your local radio station.

Once you've settled on a DJ, have a one-on-one discussion with the DJ. Just to explain what type of entertainment and mood you want to have during the reception. Also discuss, the selection of music that you have in mind. Ask if the DJ's familiar with wedding protocol. If not, you might want to brief the DJ first about the sensibility of the event.

On the other hand, choosing live music offers you a choice of hiring a band, soloist, instrumentalists, jazz group, etc. It all depends on what kind of theme you have in mind for you wedding.

For more formal weddings, classical groups, piano soloists, and instrumentalists are more appropriate. It would not be a bad idea, to also consider the sensibilities of your guests, to ensure that everyone has a good time!

If you want to have a rocking good time for the reception of your wedding, then hiring a band is the way to go! The energy of a live band gets people going. There's nothing else that spells a rocking good time better, than a rock and roll band.

Before hiring a band, ask them if you could listen to their music first. This will help you decide if that particular band is just right for you. Also discuss, if the band will do emcee duties, as well as provide the music.

It's best to hire a band that has had previous experience with wedding receptions. This way, they'd know what to expect, and will be able to provide the proper entertainment that's fitting for the occasion.

You always want to keep the music going, so include some background music even when the meals are being served, or when the bride and groom are doing their rounds of greeting, having their pictures taken, etc. This will also maintenance the atmosphere of the wedding all through out the reception. So choose wisely, because your choice of music can make or break this occasion!

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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Why not Say Your Own - Personalized Vows

Why not Say Your Own

- Personalized Vows

Your wedding is your own. And in today’s society, people have been constantly scouring every book for any way to make their wedding as personal and as unique as possible. One way to do this is to whip up your own wedding vows.

Traditionally, couples to be wed do not have much of a say in what goes into many of the words spoken during the wedding ceremony. Today, it is increasingly getting easier to personalize and influence what is said during the ceremony – within reasonable bounds, though.

If you desire to make your wedding vows unique and personal, you are not alone. Many other couples incorporate feelings, and intimate messages into their wedding vows. It has an added effect of making your wedding more touching, dramatic, and memorable.

Talk with the Officiant Ahead of Time
If you would like to personalize your wedding vows, first notify your Officiant to find out the legalities, guidelines and rules in drafting your own wedding vows. He or she will typically give pointers and examples to help you draw up your own vows. Furthermore, the Officiant will inform you of the parts of the vow that are expected to be said.

The Topic
It may include promises, such as “I will swear upon my life to do …” or it may be heartfelt messages for each other, or even hopes for each other plans for the future and such. You may also opt to create a mixture of each to spice up your wedding vows. Although norms vary from culture to culture, as a general rule, the wedding vow should not take too long to recite. Keep it concise yet meaningful. Remember, you will have to recite this, and long recitations tend to make the memory suffer.

Make it Official
After creating a draft of the vows you wish to exchange, it would do well to meet up with the Officiant again and show him a draft of your vows. Although in the end, it is ultimately your decision that is followed, do take heed of the Officiant’s advice, as it is usually sound and has been honed by experience.


It is a good idea to practice your vows before the wedding. Although there is no rule against reading vows, a thoroughly practiced, heartfelt rendition of the vow will definitely make a lasting impact on your partner and the people witnessing the ceremony. As mentioned earlier, avoid overly long vows as they tend to be less remembered and are harder to memorize, not to mention quite inconvenient to others. You may do so, however, if you feel the need is justified.

The Performance
When reciting your vows during the wedding, always keep calm. People who are tense tend to speak to fast, and since the wedding vow is a very important part of the wedding, you will want to take your time in the spotlight. Loosen up, so that in case you forget a line or two during the exchange of vows, you will at least be able to bounce back with something from your heart. If you desire so, you may also keep a written version of you vows with you. You might want to read it surreptitiously though.

Good luck on your wedding, and may the sweet words you utter during the exchange of vows never lose their meaning for rest of your days!

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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Wedding gift ideas

Wedding gift ideas

A wedding is a red letter day for anyone. Just being invited to one can really bring about excitement. It is always a pleasure to see someone walk down the aisle with the promise of true love and life long happiness. Picking out wedding gifts can be a lot of fun too. There are thousands of gifts ideas that you can purchase online or on retail stores. Personalized gifts have been a common trend in weddings presents. Customized gifts bring out your creativity because you can dictate the style, design and message you want to be printed on them. Items range from photo frames, mugs and clocks, among others.

In buying gifts, always keep in mind your budget and be sure to get the look you want to achieve on your purchased items. Here are some gift ideas that would surely be a hit:

It is nice to remember your wedding day, and how else can you do this? Personalize your ordinary belongings by printing the couple’s picture on them. You can have it printed in your pillows, blankets or bags. Print them on tapestry wall hangings and keep them as an heirloom. Colorful cotton threads can make your pictures come to life with its vivid colors similar to the photograph itself.

Photo Frames
Keep your memorable pictures in unique photo frames. You can add on sweet messages like ‘sweethearts forever’ or ‘perfect couple’. Sweet lines from songs or poems are greatly recommended too. You can choose from the different frames available like natural wood, quality plastic, or metal steel. Personal messages are mostly laser engraved or wood cut-outs. The couple would love putting there favorite wedding photos to keep them reminded of the bliss of their special day.

Add your own personality and thoughts and get them printed in comfortable tees. Most couples would love to profess their love for each other in cute shirts. The most common of these shirts are the word ‘I’ that comes with a big red heart and the name of the groom or bride. Tell the world how you feel towards a person with these personalize tees. To add a little intimacy, you can also opt to print sweet messages on under wears and undershirts too.

Women love accessories. Bracelets are perfect items to be personalized. You can opt to choose fancy gold, sterling silver or even 10 karat – 25 karat gold. This depends on your budget, of course. But remember, it’s always the thought that counts. Recommended words that you can put on the bracelets are the date of your wedding day, your anniversary or the couple’s name. You can opt to personalize rings and necklaces as well.

Mugs are very functional. If giving a present to the groom, customizing his beer mug or wine glass would surely be appreciated. Be sure to choose mugs that exude manly elegance. Black or brown mugs would definitely look nice and the personal message would be a real stand out.

You can either choose to purchase a wall clock or personal watch. Either way, you can be assured that the recipient of the gift would find them very useful. Engraving one’s name on a metal steel sports watch is an eye catcher too. A pocket watch would equally be valued.

Looking for wedding gifts can be enjoyable. Personalizing your gifts would add a special touch to each present. No matter what the value of the gift is, remember that it is always the pure intention of giving that matters most.

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